S.L.U.Arts and H. & .P Thakore Commerce College for Women
Run by Gujarat Stree Kelavani Mandal
" Empowerment of women through education "

Courses of Study

Arts Faculty Timing - Morning
First Semester B.A.
The students will have to study nine papers as under :
Core Subject Papers 101-102
Subject Elective I Papers 101-102
Subject Elective II Paper 103
Compulsory Subject(English) C-106
Classical Language C-107
Foundation Course FC-101
Soft Skills SS-102
The choice of the Core and Subject Elective-I & II will remain as per the following combination.
Subject Combination
Sr. No.
Core Subject (Two Papers)
(Two Papers)
Subject Elective-I (Two Papers)
(Two Papers)
Subject Elective-II (One Paper)
(One Paper)*
Economics Sociology / Hindi / History / English Economics / Sociology / Gujarati / Hindi / History / Geography / Psychology

*One of the above subjects can be selected as the second subordinate provided it is not opted for as the Principal or the first subordinate subject.
Co-operation (Only for those who opt for Economics as their Principal
Sociology Economics / Gujarati / Geography / Psychology
Gujarati Sociology / Hindi / History / English
Hindi Economics / Geography / Psychology / Gujarati
History Economics / Geography / Psychology / Gujarati
Geography Sociology / History / English / Hindi
Second Semester B.A.
The students at Second Semester. Will have to study nine course papers as under :
Core Subject 2 Papers
Subject Elective I 2 Papers
Subject Elective II 1 Paper
Compulsory Subject(English) 1 Paper
Classical Language 1 Paper
Foundation Course 1 Paper
Soft Skill 1 Paper
Third & Fourth Semester B.A.
The students will have to study eight papers as under :
Core Subject 3 Papers
Subject Elective I 2 Papers
Compulsory English 1 Papers
Foundation Course 1 Papers
Soft Skill 1 Papers
Arts Faculty (Home Science)  Timing - Morning
First Semester HOME SCIENCE
The students will have to study nine papers as under :
Core 101 Introduction to Foods and Nutrition
Core 102 Introduction to Clothing & Textiles
Subject Elective I Food Preparation
Subject Elective II Clothing Construction
Subject Elective III Introduction to Family Resource Management
Foundation Course Writing Skills in Gujarati
Soft Skills Indian Culture and Heritage
Compulsory English 1 Paper
Classical Language (Sanskrit) 1 Paper
Second Semester HOME SCIENCE
The students will have to study nine papers as under :
Core 111 Introduction to Household Equipment
Core 112 Applied Chemistry and Physics
Elective(EC-1)111 Handling of Household equipment
Elective(EC-2)112 Applied Chemistry and Bio-chemistry
Subject Elective III Introduction to Human Development
Foundation Course Environment Science
Soft Skill Personality Development
Compulsory English 1 Paper
Classical Language Sanskrit 1 Paper
Core 201 Meal Management
Core202 Applied Life Science
Core 203 Family Dynamics
Elective 201 Practical based on Core-201
Elective 202 Practical Based on Core-202
Foundation 201 Computer Skill – II
Soft Skill 201 Food and Nutrition
Compulsory 201 English
Core 211 Indian Traditional Textile and Embroidery
Core 212 Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship
Core 213 Introduction to Community Nutrition
Elective 211 Practical based on Core 211
Elective 212 Practical based on Core-212
Foundation 211 Dress Designing
Soft Skill 211 Hospitality
Compulsory 211 English
Core 301 Diet Therapy
Core 302 Textile Designing and Apparel Making
Core 303 Family Health
Core Elective 304 Practical based on Core-301/Project Planning
Core Elective305 Practical based on Core-302/Workshop
Foundation 301 Sketching and Drawing
Soft Skill 301 Health Management and Diet
Compulsory 301 English
Core 311 Food Preservation
Core 312 Housing and Space Designing
Core 313 Home Science Education and Extension
Core Elective 314 Practical based on Core-311/Communication and Visual Media
Core Elective 315 Practical based on 312/ Seminar
Foundation 311 Research Methodology
Soft Skill 311 Fundamental Duties and Rights
Compulsory 311 English
Third year B.A. (HOME SCIENCE)(2012-13)
The students will have to study seven subjects as under :
Paper – 1 English (Compulsory Subject)
Paper – 2 to 7 All papers of Home Science
Principal Subject (Paper 6 : Food Preservation)
Principal Subject (Paper 7 : Diet Therapy)
Principal Subject (Paper 8 : Family Housing and Furnishing)
Principal Subject (Paper 9 : Clothing and Textile)
Principal Subject (Paper 10 : Home Science Education and Extension)
Commerce Faculty   Timing Morning (English & Gujarati Medium)
First Semester B.Com
The students will have to study nine papers as under :
CC 101 Fundamentals of Business Economics – 1
CC 102 Human Resource Management
CC 103 Accountancy – I
CC 104 Communication In Bussiness
CC 105 General English – Text & Composition
Core Elective 101 Accounting/Financial Accounting – 1
Subject Elective 101/101D Statistics/ Basic Statistics – 1 OR Secretarial Practice – 1
Foundation Course Yoga and Meditation
Soft Skills Stress Management
Second Semester B.Com
Students will have to study nine papers as under :
CC 106 Fundamentals of Business Economics – II
CC 107 Fundamentals of Marketing Management
CC 108 Accountancy – II
CC 109 Business Correspondence
CC 110 General English Grammar And Composition
CE 102(A) Financial Accountancy II
SE 102(B) Operations Research (Statistics) OR 102 (D) Secretarial Practice
Foundation Course 1 paper
Soft Skills 1 paper
Third Semester B.Com  
Students will have to study nine papers as under :
CC 201 Economics of Government Finances
CC 202 Indian Financial System
CC 203 Taxation-1
CC 204 Commercial Communication–III
CC 205 Fundamental Statistics – 1
CE 201(A) Cost Accounting–1
SE 202(A) Corporate Accounting
Foundation Course 1 paper
Soft Skills 1 Paper( Company Secretary's Duties and Functions)
Add on Career Oriented Courses
Courses Recognized by UGC and Gujarat University
Students who have taken admission in any degree course can take any of these courses as an extra course. Special features of these courses are as under :
  •  1 Year certificate course done along with Degree Course (Diploma in Second Year, Advance Diploma in Third Year)
  •   The student who is at present studying in the college is given preference.
  •   The classes are before or after the college timing.
  •   Theory and Practical Training available.
  •   Education through subject expects
  •   Medium of education Gujarati as well as English.
  •   Minimum qualification required XII standard pass.
  •   Students from any branch can enroll for any course.
Courses Offered
(1) Hospital Nutrition and Dietetics (Only for Home Science students) :
(a)  Courses impart theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the Diet preparation for hospitalized patients.
(b)  Human Physiology.
(c)  Community Nutrition.
(d)  Quantity Cookery.
(e)  Food Service Management.
(2) Human Resource and Personal Management :
(a)  Training for H.R. Manager in companies.
(b)  Manpower planning.
(c)  Career planning.
(3) Skill Oriented Courses :
(a)  Certificate in Fashion Designing.
(b)  Advanced Certificate in Fashion Designing.
(c)  Certificate in English Proficiency.
(d)  Other Courses :
  • → Courses Under SCOPE.
  • → Courses With GKS.
  • (4)  Computer & IT Courses


  Our Vision

"To provide the education that enables women to achieve all round development of their personality, to become self – reliant socially responsible citizens and to make their individual contribution to the local as well as global scenario."


"Empowerment of women through education."